Puzzle Winx Online

  • Fournisseur Cultura Puppies Online: Puffin Patrol
    Einstein, Bounce and Puzzle are thrilled to be back at Sandcliff Lighthouse for another holiday. There are lots of other pups staying there this time which means fun for everyone! But when the local beach is covered in dog poo, the pals find themselves in a sticky situation. It gets so bad that even the puffins - who visit every year - are staying away! And then the local people start to blame the kennels, even though the pups know that Jackie and Trevor always clean up after them. Who is behind the smelly secret of Sandcliff Beach? Can the pups uncover the stinking truth in time to save Trevor's kennels and persuade the puffins to come back?
  • Ravensburger-03048 4 Winx Puzzle 24 Giant Sol, 03048 4
    Toute la qualité ravensburger dans un puzzle pour enfants Un puzzle géant de 24 pièces de winx Dimensions puzzle : 70 x 50 cm Dimensions du produit : 37 x 27 x 5,5 cm Pour enfants à partir de 3 ans
  • Fournisseur Cultura Puppies Online: Treasure Hunt
    Meet the Puppies Online! Einstein the brainy dachshund, Puzzle the snoozy sheepdog and Bounce the speedy spaniel spend their holidays at a very special kind of kennels - a lighthouse by the sea! But there's no time for sunbathing. The woof-tastic trio meet the evil Mike Dodger, discover an ancient treasure map and find themselves caught up in a race against time. Luckily the pups are equipped with all the latest online gadgets and tech know-how. But will their super skills be enough to sniff out the treasure before Mike does?
  • Ravensburger Winx Puzzle pour Enfants 60 pièces, 3049, Multicolore, 70 x 50 cm
    Toute la qualité ravensburger dans un puzzle pour enfants Un puzzle géant de 60 pièces de winx Dimensions de la boîte : 37 x 27 x 6 cm Dimensions puzzle : 70 x 50 cm Pour enfants à partir de 4 ans
  • Fournisseur Cultura Sudoku - Teach Yourself
    A collection of sudoku puzzles for solvers from the amateur to the genius level. This work contains hints and strategies for solving the infernal beasts, in addition to information on the technological trickery involved, with guides to online resources and also an explanation of how it works.
  • Fournisseur Cultura How Do You Fight A Horse-sized Duck? - Secrets To Succeeding At Interview Mind Games And Getting The Job You Want
    Learn how to succeed at interview mind games and win job offers at A-list companies, with more than eighty difficult and devious questions, puzzles, and brain teasersEach year about 28 million Americans begin a search for a new job. Many more live in the age of the permanent job search, their online profiles eternally awaiting a better offer. Job seekers are more mobile and better informed than ever, aspiring to work for employers offering an appealing culture, a robust menu of perks, and opportunities for personal fulfillment and advancement. The result is that millions of applications stream to the handful of companies that regularly top listings of the best companies to work for: Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Alphabet, Disney, SpaceX, Oracle, Pricewaterhouse-Coopers, and others. Tesla has received as many as 200 applications for each open position. How do selective employers choose which people to hire? It’s through interviews asking uniquely demanding questions testing imagination, persistence, and creativity, like:    Can an astronaut throw a baseball so it hits Earth?    If you had $2,000, how would you double it in 24 hours?    How is a milk carton like a plane seat?    Chicken McNuggets come in boxes of 6, 9, and 20. What’s the largest number of McNuggets that McDonald’s can’t sell you?    How many dogs in the world have the exact same number of hairs? How Do You Fight a Horse-Sized Duck? explores the new world of interviewing at A-list employers. It reveals more than eighty notoriously challenging interview questions and supplies both answers and a general strategy for creative problem-solving.

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